Career Profile: Norman G. Drew (Norm Drew)

Animation Producer, Director, Instructor, Consultant.



Opening Doors to Imagination!   Bringing Imagination to Life!


I graduated from Kenora-Keewatin District High School in 1958; graduated from The University of Alberta - College of Art, Calgary with B.A. in Fine and Applied Art.  Post grad., York University, Toronto, B.A. in Film & Art History and Sheridan University, Toronto, M.A., Animation.

In the years before specializing in animation, I worked in advertising film and print media. Then moved to the film/TV animation and cartooning industries as animator/animation director/creative director/producer; and in print media as syndicated newspaper cartoonist/illustrator/art director...while continuing graphic design (logos, corporate branding and advertising). 

I entered the animation industry as production trainee (live action and animation) creating TV commercials and documentaries, at Calgary's first film studio, Master Film Studios, working between art college years and part time during art college years.

Between 1964 and 1973 I lived and worked alternately in Toronto and London, UK as animator on TV specials, educational films (TV Ontario ) the feature film The Beatles' - Yellow Submarine at TVC Studios, London, UK and TV series, BBC TV - Watch With Mother pre-school TV series Mary, Mungo and Midge, at John Ryan Studio; The Jackson 5, The Osmond Brothers at Halas & Batchelor Studio;  and in Toronto at Cinera Studio and as Creative Director at The Magic Machine Cartoon Factory  on the TV special The Adventures of Sam Slick, TV commercials and educational films for the Childrens' TV Workshop, The Electric Company, New York.

In 1973, KVOS TV - Canawest Studios in Vancouver contracted me as assistant director on Hanna-Barbera's TV series Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home. Upon successful completion of the series I launched my own studio located in historic Gastown (original site of Vancouver city).

From 1974 to 1986 I trained animation production crews on TV commercials, educational films (under real world TV network deadlines). Also performed as caricaturist/TV host and featured my own cartoon series Chika, Choppy and Chips ©™ and The Bush Babies ©™ in films, daily comic strips, books, on Gastown Gang TV series, on BCTV Nework and promotional special events with The Bush Babies ©™ mascot characters.

From 1976 to 1978 I hosted the Saturday a.m. childrens' TV series, Gastown Gang, on B.C.'s Province-wide BCTV network. The series was based upon my studio in Gastown. 

From 1980 - 1985 I created characters, layouts, storyboards and animation oTales of the Mouse Hockey League (on CTV Network, produced by Marmalade Animation, Vancouver); was art director for Danolin Manufacturing, Vancouver directing, animating and producing TV commercials and point of sale design for TV products such as Kitty Korner; was art and exhibit design director, Vancouver's Arts Sciences and  Technology Centre's World Communications Year - 1983 exhibition; 1983-1985 art and animation director for Micromanagement Systemspioneering early computer animation at Burnaby. B.C.'s advanced technology centre, Discovery Park.  

During this hiatus from entertainment animation, I created cartoon merchandise for Contenova Gifts.

For the next 12 years (1986 - 1998) I was contracted as an animation consultant, instructor and overseas TV animation production supervisor on mainstream, high profile Hollywood TV series: Smurfs, Hello Kitty, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dennis the Menace, Smoggies, Mickey's 50th Anniversary TV Special, to name a few, at animation studios throughout Asia, living and working in Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and The Philippines.

Between overseas productions, as a Provincial B.C. Accredited Adult Education Instructor, (1992 - 2001) and upon the request from a local animation studio, I launched and instructed the first local, industry professional,  Classical Animation and Cartooning Courses for The Vancouver School Board, The Vancouver Film School and VanArts Media Institute.

From 1995 - 2010 I also conducted animation and cartooning workshops at my company Doodlebug Studio -The Academy of Classical Animation , then via distance learning online, as tutor/coach/instructor to students and animation crews employed in the worldwide animation industry. That activity spanned technology itself: from 'snail mail', to fax, to email, to online text chat and video conferencing.

Although still active as consultant to the industry, am scaling down animation activity a bit, while resuming other lifelong interests: writing, art, music, philosophy, archaeology, photography, videography - with some cartooning 'when the world needs a laugh'.

- Norm Drew...draws for You !

a.k.a.: 'Drew drew it'.

Vancouver, 2020

--- Full résumé available upon request ---


NORM DREW:  The 'Johnny Appleseed' of Animation

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