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Kenora Regatta, 1967 - Courtesy of Norman G. Drew


'KKDHS' in 2019

'KKDHS' in 2019


KKDHS 50's Friends Ad from KKDHS 50's FRIENDS on Vimeo.

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This KKDHS Webjam network was created for the nostalgic enjoyment of former KKDHS students, alumni and their families. It is not associated in any way with any Kenora school nor is it responsible for any KKDHS administrative, educational responsibilities or obligations past or present. This network is a Members Only site and is NOT open to or accessible by the general public. By becoming a Member you are consenting to access, view and share with fellow alumni Members the 1950's KKDHS Yearbook materials posted on this KKDHS network.  We sincerely hope you will enjoy the memories contained here in the nostalgic spirit in which it is intended.

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Reconnect with former classmates

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Rejoin your school community

Revisit youthful carefree days 

Links to other 1950's sites

Hear your favourite 50's songs


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