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Next concert

Our next concert is from 3 - 5pm at UCLG, Longwell Green on Sat 14th September'19.  This consists of works by Mendelssohn: selections from the oratorio Elijah and the oratorio Christus (which is unfinished) See below for details....

Mendelssohn's Elijah (excerpts):-

Aria - "If with all your hearts" - Graham Shaw (tenor)

Chorus - "Blessed are the men who fear Him"

Aria - "Lord God of Abraham" - Roger Greenhalgh (bass)

Quartet - "Cast thy burden upon the Lord"

Aria - "Hear ye, Israel" - Jane Fry (sop)

Chorus - "Be not afraid"

Terzetto - "Lift thine eyes" - Jane Fry (sop), Sue Davis (alto), Janet Whalley (alto)

Chorus - "He watching over Israel"

Aria - "O rest in the Lord" - Sue Davis (alto)

Chorus - "He that shall endure to the end"

Quartet & Chorus - "Holy, holy, holy"

Aria - "Then shall the righteous shine forth" - Graham Shaw (tenor)

Quartetto - "O come every one that thirsteth" - Jane Fry, Sue Davies, Graham Shaw & Roger Greenhalgh

Chorus - "And then shall you light break forth"

At the Interval refreshments are available as "afternoon tea"

CHRISTUS (an unfinished Oratorio)

All the recitatives are sung by Graham Shaw, a guest solo tenor

Recit. - "When Jesus, our Lord, was born"

Trio - "Say, where is He born"

Chorus - "There shall a star from Jacob"

Recit. - "And the multitude arose"

Chorus - "This man we have found"

Recit. - "Then Pilate said to the priests"

Chorus - "He stirreth up the Jews"

Recit. - "Pilate said again"

Chorus - "Away with Jesus"

Recit. - "Still, Pilate spake again"

Chorus - "Crucify"

Recit. - "Then unto them said Pilate"

Chorus - "We have a sacred law"

Recit. - "Then unto them he deliver'd Him"

Chorus - "Daughters of Zion"

Choral - "He leaves His heavenly portals"

At the end of the concert a collection will be taken for the work of the Children's Hospice SW

Guest conductor for this concert is Philip Mundey

Pianist - Natalie Morton

Flautist - Jenny Harris

Keyboard & Musical Director - Naomi Reed

Our Memorial Concert at St Barnabas Church, Warmley on 22nd June raised

We did a short period of entertainment at URC Hanham and raised £158.82 for CHSW

Our Christmas concert at St Mary's Church, Bitton on 1st Dec raised £566 for CHSW

Our concert at St. Barnabas Church on 6th Oct 2018 was a Tea Party.

Our 2nd Spring concert on Sat 21st April 2018 was held at St Mary's Church, Bitton. It raised £146 for CHSW and £407 for the Church Funds.

Our Spring concert on 9th April 2018 was held at the URC church, Hanham and raised £331 for CHSW.

Our Christmas Concert was held at URC, Oldland  on 9th Dec '17 and raised £586.70 for the Children's Hospice SW.        

Our Summer concert was on 30th June 2017 at the Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury and raised £453 for CHSW.

Our Summer concert was on 2nd June at UCLG and raised over £400 for CHSW.

Our Christmas concert was on Fri 9th December at the United Reformed Church, Oldland.


Details of future concerts will be added when dates have been agreed.


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Previous concerts

Our last concerts were in June '17 and were the Summer Concerts. The first took place at United Church, Longwell Green on 2nd June and the second took place at the Town Hall, Chipping Sodbury on 30th June.


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Our concerts are also advertised on the Gerontius website. The address for Gerontius is


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