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This is Webjam's official social community blog where we love interacting directly with our community. We've brought together the bright sparks in our organisation to share their ideas about our company as well as the industry trends of enterprise social networking and best collaboration tools.
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The Secret Tip for Optimising Your Business's Results

 0 Comments- Add comment Written on 07-Aug-2013 by Sheeza.Ahmad
Today we would like to provide you with our secret tip on how to help you optimise your business results. 

With the current economic climate, businesses are finding new ways of maximising revenues whilst reducing costs, and one way of doing this is by integrating remote working environments in their processes. A flexible team culture increases:
  • Productivity,
  • Motivation,
  • Happiness,
  • A drive to help the business succeed 
 We do appreciate that remote workspaces create problems of their own. Common issues reported have included: 
  • Time-inefficiency
  • Management is a challenge
  • Not able to stay connected and informed
  • Decreased productivity
  • Death by email
  • Increased distance between remote workspaces
That is quite a long list of problems! Have you considered taking your teams online and implementing virtual solutions for running your business?

The Solution

What your team needs is an online space which will let them replicate the office experience in the most efficient way possible. Benefits of Webjam that will take your business to the next level include:
  • Unity of employees, brand, department and location on one social platform in a private setting, regardless of geographical location.
  • Improved efficiency and revolutionised way of getting work done 
  • Accelerated speed of knowledge, distribution throughout your business. 
  • Enabling employees to create groups to promote work or social activities
  • The results we promise you are truly exhilarating:
  • Your team members will be sharing, collaborating and solving problems in real time - bridging the divide - whether its geographic or departmental
  • Your employees will be working smarter and you will experience ROI beyond cutting down on travel time and expenses - as Webjam has equipped team members to work more productivity and enjoyably as teammates have real time access to information and updates about projects and colleagues
  • Team members now have ready access to information—reducing the glut of emails that not only ate into valuable time but cut productivity as well.  
  • Allow team members to stay in the loop with what they need to know and effectively filter out the rest.
  • Team members who have previously never even communicated now have the opportunity to actively collaborate and share best practices in your internal social communities
  • Foster new connections across brands, departments and locations
  • Brainstorming and idea exploration 
  • Departmental specific conversations - manage your privacy

If you're interested in increasing your return on investment in the workplace using online technology, we suggest that you get in touch with one of our sales consultants today on
         Webjam delivers powerful productivity software with internal or external social networks that are secure, reliable, feature-rich — and most important — loved by users.    
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