Not-For-Profit Benefits

Webjam offers a fully social media featured website builder for your business — whether your goals are to get closer to your customers or you need to get your team working more productively — Webjam will provide you with internal or external social networks that are secure, reliable, user-friendly and feature-rich.

Key Features 

  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Member and Donor Engagement
  • Team Collaboration
  • Employee Engagement


  • Improve membership retention and recruitment
  • Increase donations by engaging donors
  • Securely connect members and donors
  • Increase Membership Loyalty
  • Stay at the centre of your valuable community
  • Create new monetisation opportunities
  • Save travel time and expenses – bring your teams closer together to easily achieve more
  • Reduce email overload that cuts productivity
  • Manage internal conversations with colleagues
  • Create and manage new membership campaigns, recruitment and retention
  • Create communities where team members are more involved, with the scope for mentoring and accelerated interaction and feedback


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