Commercial Benefits

Webjam is a provider of enterprise social networking software, which brings you, your customers, members and supporters closer together. It also equips your teams to find and share knowledge and expertise - working together to achieve more.

Key Features

  • Lead Nurturing  
  • Customer Engagement
  • Team Collaboration
  • Employee Engagement


  • Improve customer engagement and increase business value
  • Stay at the centre of your valuable community
  • Create new monetization opportunities
  • Improve Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Secure Connect Customers
  • Save travel time and expenses – bring your teams closer together to easily achieve more
  • Reduce email overload that cuts productivity
  • Manage internal conversations with colleagues
  • Retain valuable data to form a timeless knowledge bank
  • Cost efficiencies with easy reporting across project and teams
  • Create a central hub to manage, run and track fundraising campaigns
  • Create and manage new membership campaigns, recruitment and retention
  • Create communities where team members are more involved, with the scope for mentoring and accelerated interaction and feedback


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