What is Webjam?

Your unique private social network.
For your organisation, customers and their customers.
Where secure collaboration and communities drive results.

Webjam is a provider of enterprise social networking software, which brings you, your customers, members and supporters closer together. It also equips your teams to find and share knowledge and expertise - working together to achieve more.

Our secure social networking software creates new opportunities for two-way engagement to:

  • Improve Customer and Membership Retention
  • Stay at the Centre of Your Valuable Community
  • Create New Monetisation Opportunities
  • Securely Connect Customers, Members and Supporters
  • Increase Customer and Membership Loyalty

Key Features

Team Collaboration

Significantly increase productivity and efficiency with enhanced communication and collaboration with team members.

Monitor and Discover Content 

Retain valuable data to form a timeless knowledge bank - keep track of all conversations and content published.

External Websites

Create websites and microsites for external users including customers, members and supporters and manage specific branding themes.

Internal Websites

Create websites and microsites for internal users by department, managerial or employee basis and manage specific branding themes.

Community Creation and Management

Create communities where team members and external users are more involved with the activities and support provided by your organisation.


Maintain strict privacy measures for internal and external conversations to ensure confidential environments at all levels. 


Manage and track your website insights to analyse trends for ease of reporting and improvements. 

Push and Pull Conversations

Have two-way engaged conversations that are not only pushing information out to your users, but is also encouraging responses and interaction.

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