With the support of 15 sponsors the Society was able to publish 'The Dragonflies of Sussex' which is a comprehensive guide to their distribution and conservation in Sussex. In this stunning full-colour book you can discover the the rich variety of Sussex's dragonfly fauna. Beautiful photography compliments the text describing each species and the detailed distribution maps provided by the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre.

dragonfly book.JPGFind answers to dragonfly questions such as:

  • Which damselfly is the earliest to emerge?
  • Which town was the focus for Sussex’s first dragonfly recording study (over 150 years ago)?
  • Which dragonfly is the longest?
  • How many resident species are there in Sussex?
  • If you dig a pond to aid wildlife, which dragonfly is likely to be an early coloniser?
  • What rare dragonfly found on the River Arun is found on just 6 other rivers in England & Wales?

The Book is available from many local book shops, and can readily be ordered by quoting ISBN 0-9525549-1-7 Essedon Press, Forest Row.

To order this publication please call Bob Foreman on 01273 497570 or email

The Society is also happy to consider co, or part, sponsorship of relevant small scale research projects that meet with the Society's interests.



Evolution, a Backgrounder
Arm-chair read.

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Unique reference
Larve & Exuvia
Field Guide to the larva & exuviae of British Dragonflies (photographic) by Steve Cham
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European Guides Dragonflies of Britain & Europe: Klaas- Douwe B Dijkstra (drawings) by R Lewington
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Editors Best buy for all European purposes The Dragonflies of Europe: RR Askew (Drawings by author) inc Larval key
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  The Dragonflies of Great Britain & Ireland: C O Hammond (Drawings by Author) inc larval key:
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International guides Dragonflies of the World: Jill Silsby (Photographic)
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The Doyen of Dragonflies
The late Proff. Corbet
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Entomology Essential Entomology: George McGavin: (illustrated by R. Lewington)
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Out of print - Now rare – Still an authority!
  The Insects, structure & function: R F Chapman, ed 4,
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Flight The Biomechanics of Insect Flight: Robert Dudley,
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Evolution Evolution of the Insects: Grimaldi & Engle,


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